God?s End-Time Calendar
The Prophetic Meaning Behind
Celestial Events and Seasons
In?God?s End-Time Calendar, you will discover on your journey through the pages of this book that God created signs in the heavens and made appointed seasons and set times on the fourth day of creation in order for us to be aware of His celestial time frame. How should we interpret the turmoil we see around us and in the world? Is there a message the Holy One of Israel wants to relay by the four Red Blood Moons that appeared on the feasts of Passover and Tabernacles in 2014 and 2015?
Pastor Rod Parsley in this brand new book encourages the reader to delve with him into the prophetic meaning of these signs together and remember to keep your head up for your salvation is near and the culmination of creation may indeed be closer than you have imagined!
Order one for yourself and one for your loved ones. Suggest that your church use this book as a text book for your Bible Study group.
You need to know what is happening in these end times!?Order this
?powerful & prophetic?brand new release from Pastor Rod Parsley TODAY!


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